Note to Instagram

Let me be honest first. I am a keyboard person. While using my computer I tend to use my keyboard more than my mouse. Yes the GUI now a days is awesome and using the mouse gives you better navigation at times. But once you got your hands on that keyboard I’m quite reluctant to pick up that mouse again. I use alt tab to switch between applications and ctrl tab to navigate between tabs in an application.

While using browsers when we get to a part where we are to enter a data into a form and click that OK or Log In button most of us just use keyboard enter compared to mouse clicking that OK /Log In button.

This is where I get bugged by Instagram. The Log In page of Instagram web looks like this


If one were to tab navigate through the user name and password fields he/she would reach the forgot your password link rather than the log in button. Of course pressing enter at the password field does let you log in but if a user enters both and presses tab the next thing expected is the log in button which unfortunately is placed after the forgot your password ? link.

Facebook deals with this quite neatly


In their log in page if one were to navigate using tab, he/she will reach the Log in button after the password field. Neatly skipping the “Keep me logged in” check box. This is a neat way of solving the issue if the button position can’t be shifted to left